POWERMAN Full NewCamd Server 24/03/2019

Name : POWERMAN NewCamd

Status : Online Updated

This Server Open : >Full Package<


HOST : powermann.tk



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3 Responses

  1. mario says:

    Well I want to congratulate the lines, they are very stable and the best of all is to change only at the weekend. Mt good. I have noticed that the server or the port 5001 zon tv does not open the channels.

  2. neymar says:

    open the rmc sport channels??

  3. Ronaldo says:

    works well, but there is a problem, meo Portugal (CAID 1814) sportv at the time of the big games, Benfica, Sporting or Porto changes the 69 to 6A and this server at the time of these games does not work, only in sportv 1 or 2 depends on where the game, the other channels work fine.
    3gyptsat always works fine, the system administrator must have already made the miraculous change 🙂

    Tahnks a lot

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